ADPN Corporation

ADPN Shareholder PROXY 2017

The Shareholder of ADPN Corporation identified below (the Shareholder), pursuant to paragraph 8, page 3 of the Second Amended Bylaws hereby gives, grants and conveys unto David P. Newman, President of ADPN Corporation the authority and power to vote the Shares of the Shareholder FOR and IN FAVOR OF all of the following:

  1. 1.Authorizing the re-election of David P. Newman as President of ADPN Corporation.

  2. 2.Authorizing the re-election of Phillip J. Newman as Secretary/Treasurer of ADPN Corporation.

The Shareholder does hereby convey unto David P. Newman, President of ADPN Corporation, my true and lawful limited power of attorney with all the power I possess if personally present, to vote at the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders on December 26, 2017.  I authorize David P. Newman to vote as my Proxy, all shares of stock in ADPN Corporation owned by me at the annual meeting of the Shareholders, on all matters requiring a Shareholder's vote.

This PROXY and Limited Power of Attorney shall expire upon the adjournment of the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders 12/26/2017.


To Convey your PROXY please follow these instructions:

Please copy and paste the following statement into an E-Mail, substitute your name where it says [Your Full Name].

Please type in the Subject line: 2017 PROXY.

Send the E-Mail to:, on or before 12/23/2017

Thank you,

Phil Newman

Secretary/Treasurer ADPN Corporation

Shareholder’s 2016 PROXY

I [Your Full Name] do hereby understand and agree that by sending this E-Mail to, with the subject line “Convey PROXY,” I am conveying my Shareholder PROXY to David P. Newman, President of ADPN Corporation, via electronic transmission for the duration of the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders, and that this conveyance shall have the full force and effect as if it were an original Shareholder PROXY with a wet-ink signature.

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