A.  Fredrik Evenson (Krageberg) Hegge

A-10   Marthinus Fredrickson Hegge   10th child of F.E.

Born 11/27/1856 in Norway and died October 24, 1924 in Hatton N.D.  He immigrated to America 6/23/1876 on the ship Angelo at age of 19, along with two older sisters Anne Marie age 29 and Ingeborg age 25. He married Karen Nelson (Mastuen) on March 22, 1882.  She died 3/24/23 In Hatton.

With the help of the Norwegian-American Historical Association, St. Olaf College, Northfield MN we learn:

“Marthinus was a merchant, banker and political leader.  When he came to America he settled in Pigeon Falls WI where he stayed for four years as a clerk (one obituary says shop assistant) in the P. Ekern Co. store.  He then moved to La Crosse where he spent two years studying in a business college.  For one year he served as assistant treasurer of the city. In 1882 he married Karen Nelson (Nielson Mastuen sister of N.F. Hegge’s wife) and moved to North Dakota and settled in Hatton, where he built the first business establishment in that town in company with his brother-in-law T.E. Nelson. (Torger was son of Erik Nilsen Mastuen who was two years older than Karen).  He soon became a leading man in the city.  He was president of the First National Bank, President of the telephone company and president of the city commercial club. One obituary says he owned an elevator in Dazey ND and was a wheat buyer.  In 1904, he was nominated for Governor by the Democratic Party. In 1906, he was nominated by the same party for state treasurer, but both times he failed to be elected.  The party wished to nominate him again for governor but he declined.  In 1888 he was a member of the state constitutional assembly.”


In 1876 when he came to Pigeon Falls, his brother Nels and wife Lena had 3 sons, Fredrick, Edward and Even.  I assume he initially stayed with them in Pigeon and probably found other accommodations for the rest of his four years there.  This picture of M.F. was taken in La Crosse, WI, perhaps when he was going to business school there

Alice Hegge Broderson (A-3-5-1) seems to remember being told that when brother-in-law Torger left the business he went to Los Angles. M.F. encouraged several of nephews to come to Hatton.  He paid for Edward Hegge’s (A-3-2) dental education provided he set up practice in Hatton.

Isaac (A-3-8) managed a grain elevator there.  In 1905 Nephew Sigvald Hegge (A-3-9) was employed by the St. Anthony and Dakota Elevator Co. and managed their lumberyard in Hatton. It is obvious both M.F. and Ed had some influence in that placement.

Both M.F and Edward Hegge became friends with Jim Hill, founder of the Great Northern Railroad, which went thru Hatton.  When Edward got married, he received presents from both M.F. and Mr. Hill, which the children of Alice Broderson now have.

A Northwood paper obituary for Karen states that in addition to one son that died years ago she had five children.


A-10-1 Clara Josephine Hegge Born 1/26/1883   Died: 1960

           Married  Rev. R.R. Syrdal  B:1877  Died  5/20/1954 at age 77

           5 children

      A-10-2 Fredrik Born August 28,1884 Baptized 11/2/84 at St. Johannes Church, Hatton N.D. (No letter    

                  C in Fredrik on Baptism certificate) Caught T.B. while attending University of N.D. Died in        

                  Hatton 4/21/06.

A-10-3 Erick M. Hegge Born 9/10/1886       Died 11/13/45

           Married Millie Jeffson

           She came to Hatton from Viroqua, WI as a lady Clerk for $65. a month in 1910.

                 Two Children

A-10-4 Anna Oline Hegge Born 3/4/89   Died 4/29/74   She was a secretary and travel companion to 

           movie actor __?__Bennett.  She went with him for an overnight trip to Hearst Castle before it   

           was open to the public.  Much later Anna worked at a furniture company in Santa Monica CA.   

           (by Karen  H. Pratt, 2004)  She never married.  Is buried in Weiser Idaho with sister Mia.

A-19-5 Marie (Mia) Constance Hegge   Born 8/6/1894. Died 10/08/1980 in Weiser Idaho.

            She married Gilbert (Bert) Kimbal.  No children

            Buried in Weiser, next to Anna.


A-10-6 Adolph M. Hegge, born 1/11/1898, died 9/20/1939

            Worked as a California Forest Ranger on Mt. Baldy.

            “Adolph built a 3 room structure over a tributary on Mt. Baldy and from it panned gold.  In   

            the summers he lived on Mt. Baldy in CA in a watchtower.  This was a one days hike after   

            another day on horseback. Adolph met a guide who rode horse back to start of climb at 

            Hayfork, where he spent mid winters.” (by Karen H. Pratt, 2004)

           Apparently Adolph never married.  His death notice mentions no wife or children, but lists him        

           as brother of Mrs. Clara Syrdal, Mrs. Marie Kimball, Anna O. and Erick M Hegge. Internment  

           was at Lincoln Memorial Veteran’s plot under auspices of Portland post No. 1, American 

           Legion, with full military honors. (Must be WW-I)  There is a Portland in N.D. and in Oregon.

The Obituary of Mrs. M.F. (Karen) states that at the time of her death, March 23, 1923, one son had taken over the business of M.F. (Erick). One son and one daughter were in business in Los Angeles CA, and one daughter was a teacher (Mia).

Note.  Son in law Torger Nelson (son of Erik Nilsen Mastuen, also spelled Nelson or Madstuen)

           Brother to Mrs. M.F. was originally a partner in business with M.F., but went to Los Angeles to 

           set up his own business.  Anna (above) was working at a furniture Company in Santa Monica.

Marthinus Fredrickson Hegge (A-10) 10th child of F.E. Hegge.  Married Karen Nielson Mastuen, sister of Nicoline who married his brother Nels. Pictured are 3 of their six children. The three youngest include 2 boys (Previous page) which indicates perhaps the birth dates are in error. However these are the dates in the Karen Pratt Tree, which should be reliable,

Looks like a hunting or fishing camp.  Bert Kimball left, married Marie (Mia) Hegge. Center, Eric Hegge, married Millie Jeffson. Right Adolph Hegge California forest ranger.  Adolph looks younger than Erik. I have him listed as 6th child of M.F. and Karen Hegge.


       Mrs. Erick Hegge, Millie Jeffson


Solveig Hegge, Father Erick, Karen Hegge

         M.F. and wife Karen


Marthinus F. and Karen Hegge  

Bert & Marie (Mia) Hegge Kimball Wedding day

The first business in Hatton North Dakota.  M.F. Hegge left. Erick Hegge and wife Millie in back ground.

“My Mother had fond memories traveling with her Father (Erick) to collect unpaid bills during the depression, only to return empty handed. He did receive barter type items, such as a chicken. I believe it was the failure of the business that prompted their move to Portland OR.”   Phillip Newman A-10-3-2-6

The obituaries of Karen Hegge, wife of Marthinus F. Hegge and of Marthinus Hegge.  Translated from the Norwegian by Forrest Brown of the Norwegian American Historical Association. Karen was born in Norway July 18, 1856.

Northwood Missaeren, April 1, 1923 

Mrs. M.F. Hegge of Hatton died March 23 evening.  The death was not unexpected, since for many years she had heart disease.  She was buried (with large attendance) from St. Johannes Church March 28.  Mr. and Mrs. Hegge settled in Hatton 41 years ago, and she was the first permanent woman to settle here.

     Their home was always the place that prominent visitors stayed when they visited the town, or were traveling through.  They were always welcome and she had a loving smile and greeting to those who came into her home.  The feeling among most of those in the community is as if they had lost their mother.  In the congregation and the women’s society she was generous to those in need, and could give good advice at the proper time.  She had long been a sincere Christian and it was clear she had deep insight into God’s word, and the Lord’s guidance through life.

     In addition to one son who died many hears ago she had 5 children, all of whom were home for the funeral.  The eldest daughter is married with Pastor Syrdal in Northwood.  A son has taken over the business here in Hatton after his father.  One son and one daughter are in business in Los Angeles, CA. and one daughter is a teacher.  Mr. M.F. Hegge has not been well in recent years and he feels the loss severely.


Comments and questions.  Their first child was as boy, who apparently died young.  I’ll venture a guess that his name was Fredrick, as was his brother Nels first son, who died at age 22 in 1893.  Church records or a gravestone should clear this up.  Which son was running the business at this time?  When M.F. started the business in Hatton, Karen’s brother Torger was a partner. Had he already gone to Los Angles with his wife as Alice Hegge Broderson recalls?  That leaves Erik or Adolph as the store manager.  During the depression in 1932, Erick was living in Oregon.  Question:  Did the business M.F. built survive the depression, or was it sold after his death?


Sons of Norway, December 1924

Marthinus Fredrik Hegge died at his home here in Hatton October 24 after a long illness.  He was buried the 30th with a large following.  Representatives of the Head and District lodges showed him the last honor.  Born November 27, 1856 in Biri.  After finishing common school, got America fever and emigrated in 1876. March 1882 married Miss Karen Nelson from Coon Prairie, WI.  He had a strong interest in schools and for a long time was director of the state institution in Grafton.  He was very active in Sons of Norway, one of the first to join lodge Ulabrand 89 in 1909.  When the 4th district was organized he became its first president and the time and energy he devoted the first year contributed greatly to its success.  In 1916-18 was head vice-president and later served some time as head representative.


Minneapolis Tidende, October 30, 1924

M.F. Hegge, one of North Dakota’s best-known Norwegians, died Friday at Hatton after a long illness.  He played a prominent role in the political life and was, 20 years ago, the Democratic Party’s candidate for governor.  He always had a strong interest in Norwegian-American affairs, was for a time president of Sons of Norway’s District No. 4 and head vice president of the organization.

      He was born November 27, 1856 in Biri and came to America in 1878, first to Pigeon Falls, WI where for four years he was a shop assistant for Peter Ekern, and then moved to La Crosse, where for two years he was a student in a business school.  For one year he was assistant treasurer of La Crosse.

In 1882 he moved to Dakota.  He chose Hatton in Traill County as the place for his activities.  With his brother in law T.E. Nelson had operated the first business in Hatton, which had considerable sales.  He early took a leading role in the affairs of the town, was president of the First National Bank, for a Telephone Company, and for the Commercial Club of the town. In 1904 he was nominated by the Democrats as their candidate for Governor, and in 1906 the same party nominated him as state treasurer.  The party later wanted to put him up for governor, but he declined this honor.  In 1888 he was a member of the state constitutional convention.

A notice in another newspaper says he was a farmer as well as a businessman, had an elevator in Dazey N.D. and was a wheat-buyer.

Maren (Mary) Eriksdatter Nilsen Mastuen

Sister of Nicoline (Lena) Nilsen Mastuen Hegge, wife of N.F. Hegge

and Karen (Carrie) Mastuen Hegge, wife of M.F. Hegge

Mary was born 19 Feb. 1851 in Sondra Land Norway, married Andreas Nyhaus, 26 Feb. 1872

Their son Edward Nyhaus, born 24 Sept 1873 in La Crosse Wisconsin lived in Hatton N.D. in 1929.  The death information on his mother, states Hatton as her place of death.

Who Edward married, I do not know, but he must have had children for a letter from Uncle George Hegge, from Corvallis Oregon on April 22, 1932 to his mother, Nicoline Hegge, reads as follows:

   “Dear Mother,  

    Thought I would send you a few lines and let you know how we are getting along.  We are now moved  

    down here to Corvallis again.  I got a house here at the mill.  Rosie has been here 2 weeks now so we  

    are pretty well settled.  The Mill is not working very steady but we get in 3 to 4 days a week so it’s  

    better than nothing.

    Alvin Nyhus and his wife and baby are now staying with us. They had a apartment .in Corvallis   

    and he was working here but they had nothing to live on and their rent was up and nothing to pay with   

    so we had to take them in.  I don’t know how long we may have to keep them, but hope they will be

   able to get enough ahead soon to get a place of their own.


    Ed Nyhus is still out of a job and don’t know when he will get one so guess they are not so well off at   

    present but manage somehow as they have a good house to live in.

    Erick’s are getting along fineHe is working all the time and Karen Beatha has a good job so they 

    are doing fine.  (The store in Hatton went out of business)

    We have had some good weather but also a lot of rain this spring but suppose it will be O.K. from now  


    Had a letter from Alice a few days ago and all seems to be well at Hatton.  There are not much news to

    write about, only hard times.  But thought I would write so you know how we are.  Hoping all are well  

    and getting along O.K. back there.  Greetings to everybody.   As ever, your son, Geo.”

Erick’s would be Eric Hegge, son of M.F. Hegge.  Karen Beatha is his daughter.  Alice is George’s daughter from his first wife, now being raised by Edward and Andrea Hegge in Hatton.  With the help of his older brothers, George is said to have run away from home at the age of 19 (In 1900) and headed for Washington State.

We found 4 other letters from George Hegge to his mother, in the Hegge house in Whitehall.

One in 1929 when times were good, and three others:  May, 1930, July 1930, Feb. 1931 when times were tough.  In one of them, he thanks Grandma for the $10.sent to them.

During the depression everyone stuck together and helped when they could, and everyone made it.

Comments by Thomas Hegge

M.F. Hegge merchant and civic leader.

Upstairs was the Red River Telephone Company and the dental office of Edward N. Hegge his nephew, son of his older brother, N.F. Hegge who farmed in Pigeon Falls, Wisconsin.  M.F. (Marthinus) paid for Edward’s dental schooling provided he set up his practice in Hatton, which he did after graduation in 1903.


Home of MF Hegge? Hatton North Dakota.

Hatton was on the Great Northern Railroad and a major shipping point for Dakota Wheat.   The Great Northern Route was built by Jim Hill.  His home in St. Paul Minn. is a tourist attraction.  Both M.F. Hegge and Edward N, Hegge became friends with Mr. Hill and Ed received a wedding present from him.

Edward and Andrea Hegge were members of the St John Lutheran Church and are buried in the Norwegian Lutheran cemetery north of the city. Edward served a number of years as city councilman, and was a member of the Hatton Board of Education.  He was a member of the board of directors of Concordia College for 27 years.  President of the North Dakota Dental Assn in 1914 and was cited for pioneering in dentistry.