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Notice of Annual Meeting

To:        Shareholders, ADPN Corporation

From:    Secretary/Treasurer, ADPN Corporation

Re:       Annual Meeting of the Shareholders


Dear Shareholder,

Included on this website are the following pages:

    Notice of 2017 Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of ADPN Corporation

    Shareholder Proxy, ADPN Corporation

To facilitate participation in the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders, we will need to be notified on or before December 23rd, 2017 of your planned attendance, along with a telephone number where you can be reached.  We plan to call on or about 12:00 PM, EST, 12/26/2017.

If you would like to convey your PROXY, click on the Shareholder PROXY link to the right to open that page.  After reading the PROXY, scroll to the bottom of that page for instructions in how to Convey your Shareholder PROXY.

If you decide to convey your PROXY, please do so prior to than December 23rd, 2017, to assure we receive it in a timely manner.

As a reminder, to improve efficiency and reduce cost, we have opted to use E-Mail as our primary means of communication

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at:

Thank you,

Phil Newman


First Notice emailed: 12/10/2017

Second Notice emailed: 12/--/2017

2017 Annual Meeting Cover Letter

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